How do I get a test ride on one of your Kawasakis or a used bike?
Just ask! Phone us or email us. You must bring along with you your driving licence photocard as well as a note of your National Insurance number, plus a recently dated proof of address. If you have the old style licence please bring along some kind of photocard ID such as your passport, as well as your paper licence and and extra recently dated proof of address. It is always best to contact us to make an appointment so as to avoid disappointment in case the bike in which you are interested is not available.
I may need finance to make a purchase, can you help?
Yes, we are licenced credit brokers, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Because we are a fairly big player in the motorcycle market in Scotland we generally get very good rates offered by our Finance Provider partners. Just ask your salesperson for a quote. Please click here to view our finance disclosure document.
How does finance work on a motorcycle?
We are credit brokers, not lenders. We introduce you to the finance company - usually by entering your personal details along with details of the purchase on an online application form. The finance company will check your details and any history of credit that you have to score your risk as a borrower and make a decision accordingly. Please click here to view our privacy statement.
What is the difference between your used bike guarantee and an insurance company guarantee as given out by some other dealers?
In terms of its usefulness to you, the buyer, the insurance company guarantee has one advantage: that you can take it to many other dealers to have corrective work undertaken. On the down side the level of cover with these guarantees is most usually very restrictive in terms of exceptions not covered, and limits on number and size of claims. Our own guarantee is only matched by the more expensive insurance company products. Also, with our guarantee you will benefit from reduced costs for events not usually covered by guarantees such as a punctured tyre or a battery failure.
I live a fair distance from you and can not afford to take a day off to have my bike serviced. What can you do for me?
We offer very cheap courtesy bikes for a trivial daily charge. Of course this means you still have to come over to us to collect the courtesy bike and deliver your bike. For this reason we now also offer a heavily subsidised collection and delivery service by scheduled van. This service goes to Glasgow on a Monday, Aberdeen on a Wednesday and Edinburgh on a Friday. We can afford to subsidise the service by filling the van up for all journeys. The only disadvantage to you is that you lose use of your bike for a week. The basic fee includes the cities of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and roads leading to these cities. If you live a little further afield please ask for a quote for this service.
Will I get a discount for cash? Or for no trade-in?
The cheapest and least risky form of payment for us is by debit card. Cash in the form of actual readies costs us a fee to put back in to the bank, although for the avoidance of any doubt: we do accept cash! What about no trade in?? Well, see faq above, most prices are negotiable, however we do not have a dual price philosophy like some businesses: full price with a trade in and a discounted price without. This is just hoodwinking the customer with a trade in as to what he is actually being paid. We prefer a more straightforward and transparent pricing philosophy. At the end of the day, please compare our actual machine price for a no trade-in purchase or the price to change if you have a trade in.
What kind of guarantee comes with a new Kawasaki?
New Kawasakis come with a 24 month factory guarantee like most other manufacturers. The guarantee has no mileage limit and your bike will also come with 12 months RAC cover. The guarantee can be extended for an additional 24 months to a total 48 months at the time of purchase for an additional fee.
Do your competitors' higher prices not mean that I will get better service there?
It may be counter intuitive, but the reverse is often true. We believe we offer unparalleled service AND low prices. We can afford to offer good service because we still make healthy profits - and more to the point healthy profits actually flow from the business that comes from offering a better service. Any business can "talk" about service, and rogues will try to persuade you that their higher prices are actually "proof" of good service. At the end of the day we would only ask that you judge us on your actual experience. We are as big as we are because of hundreds of returning customers every year.
I live far away from Kirkcaldy, can you deliver a bike to me?
Yes. Of course. We don't let a geographical challenge get in the way of a sale so will always endevour to deliver as cheaply as possible; or for free if we have enough profit in the bike. Just ask.

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