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Kawasaki launches new 200BHP Supercharged naked

Say hello to Kawasakis new Z H2, supercharged, supernaked missile with over 200bhp and over 100ftlb of torque on tap.

At the heart of this armwrenching weapon is the super-smooth 998cc motor, making its whopping 101ftlb of torque at just 8500rpm (1000 less revs the H2 SX requires).

There’s a stack of IMU controlled electronics to stop the Euro5-friendly engine tying everything in knots including three riding modes, lean-sensitive traction control, ABS… oh and launch control, just in case that Porsche is giving you a bit of bother at the traffic lights!

There’s also a quickshifter and cruise control as Kawasaki leave no stone unturned in their bid to be king of the super naked segment…

We're expecting these to be available from February 2020 and prices to be around £15,400 - £15,900.

Please call us for further details or click on the link https://www.kawasakinewmodel.co.uk/